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Questions + Kudos
 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reach?

Reach is a private non-profit organization that provides residential, vocational, and transportation services for adults with developmental disabilities.  Our mission is to empower the people we serve to attain their individual goals and aspirations.  Reach began operating in 1974, and currently serves 111 people with disabilities.

What services does Reach provide?

Reach provides residential, vocational, and transportation services.  Residentially, Reach offers a range of options.  We have two Intensive Group Homes, two Standard Adult Group Homes, two Transitional Living Apartment Complexes, and Supported Living Services. Vocationally, we offer Supported Employment Services, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, and provide Job Preparation Services as well as Intensive Day Services at our Work Center.

How is Reach funded?

About 85% of Reach’s funding comes from our contract with the state and federal government, through which we are reimbursed on an hourly basis to provide client services.  Increasingly, state funding fails to keep up with the cost of delivering services.  As a result, we depend on the generosity of our community to help close this gap, so that we can continue providing high quality services to our clients.

What kind of disabilities do your clients have?

Reach provides services to people with developmental and other disabilities.  Developmental disabilities include intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, down syndrome, traumatic brain injuries, and other similar conditions that occur before the age of 18, and have a significant life-long effect.  In addition to development disabilities, many of our clients have other physical disabilities including mobility, visual, and communication impairments.

 How can I get services from Reach?

In order to obtain services from Reach, that are funded through the state of Montana, you need to contact a case manager who will work with you on determining eligibility and placing you on a waiting list for services.  Until April 1st, 2018, the case management organization is HI Case Management, at 300 North Wilson Suite 602F, Bozeman, MT 59715, 406-587-7703.  Another option is private-pay services, in which the consumer directly pays Reach.  If you are interesting in obtaining private-pay services, please contact one of our Client Services Directors at 406-587-1271.

 Where do your clients work?

All clients in Reach Inc. vocational services receive a paycheck, and 94% of our clients have jobs in the community. Many businesses employ our clients, including the Bozeman Chamber of Commerce, the Ridge Athletic Club, The Nova Café, Sola Café, Mystery Ranch, Smith’s, Goodwill, Cactus Records, The Community Food Co-op, Montana State University, Sacks of Bozeman, Petsmart, Walmart, Buffalo Restoration, Town and Country, Taco Time, and West Paw Design.  As of February, 2018, we have 113 individual job placements in the community.  Our clients also have the opportunity to work on production and assembly tasks at our Work Center.

Does Reach accept donations from the public?

Reach is a 501 (C) 3  non-profit organization and our Tax Exempt ID is 81-0347366.  Our legal name is Reach, Inc.  We are grateful to accept donations in the form of cash, in-kind contributions, as well as stocks, bonds, and other property.  Reach hosts a number of fundraisers throughout the year to raise money.  We also work with individual donors to support particular projects.




“Reach, Inc. is a non-profit organization that I deeply appreciate for it’s services to my daughter for the last 25 years. She has grown in countless ways through Reach programs in helping her maintain a job for over 10 years at a local business, live semi-independently, enjoy her life and know she is a valuable member of our Bozeman community. She dearly loves her work and, since she is very social, the contact with many people in the community gives her great joy and satisfaction, and, she earns a salary and self-esteem as well. My daughter has learned many social skills through the many opportunities to engage in community activities. She has become increasingly self-sufficient and lives with a roommate in a transitional living facility that has enabled her to be more independent, learning how to shop, cook, clean and take care of her own needs.

The staff at Reach are dedicated, professional, caring individuals. I cannot say enough good things about Reach! Without their services my child would probably live at home and that would have been very difficult for me and her. She loves her life, the Reach staff, her roommate, her work, and the other clients. She is happy, safe, and maturing through the support services Reach offers. Thank you to ALL the people who make Reach, Inc. the outstanding organization it is today.

A grateful parent of a Reach client.” — Nancy


“We’re so grateful for the participants from Reach who come to clean our office every Friday.  They never complain about their work, in fact they seem to genuinely enjoy it.  They greet everyone with a smile and an enthusiastic hello. It seems like the whole spirit of the building is lifted when they’re here. They’ve truly become part of our Buffalo herd family. And we’re so lucky to have such a meaningful and impactful organization like Reach as our neighbor.” — E.J. Porth, Buffalo Restoration (client employer)


“We love working with Reach. The job coaches always make sure we have well-versed and sufficiently trained helpers. Our Reach friends have become an integral part of our Sola family. Reach provides positive opportunities for people who so deserve such empowerment and support. What a gift to our community!” — Tiffany Lach, Sola Cafe (client employer)