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18th Apr


Reach Wish List

Some items Reach or our clients could use:

  • Paper shredders so our clients can earn money helping to destroy private documents
  • Signing Exact English, by Gerilee Gustason, Esther Zawolkow, and Donna Pfetzing
  • HP 932 Black Original Ink Cartridges (used for several printers throughout Reach)
  • Schwinn Airdyne Stationary Bike for the Work Center
  • Treadmill for the Greenway Apartment Complex
  • Rowing machine for the Greenway Apartment Complex
  • 1 table for a staff office (smaller in size-approximately 2-4 seats)
  • 1 Wii
  • 1 Wii or other video game system
  • 2 Swiffer Sweepers
  • Swiffer Sweeper refills for wood floors
  • 3 comfy, thick mattress pads for full size beds
  • Medium to large skillet pan with lid
  • Kitchen hot pads
  • Desktop magnifying glass on a stand
  • Propane BBQ Grill
  • Riding Lawn Mower for Maintenance Department
  • Weed wacker for Maintenance Department
  • Bookshelves
  • TV Stand
  • Unrestricted monetary donations for a variety of needs
  • $500 for Special Olympics staff and transportation costs
  • Monetary contributions for our Work Center Expansion Capital Campaign
  • 2 radios for our clients to use at the Work Center (one in the client lounge and one in work room #4)
  • Twin extra long sheets for a client at Cedarview Group Home
  • New side by side refrigerator for Willow Group Home, North Third Group Home, or Valley Creek Group Home
  • Smaller living room chair (not cloth)- new or new condition
  • Money for Christmas gifts for clients
  • Indoor/outdoor rug for Cedarview Grouhop Home entry
  • Recliner for client at North 3rd
  • 2 Golf Bags with wheels for Special Olympics Golf
  • 5 ipads to help a few of our clients with autism to communicate more easily
  • Dresser that is easy to open and close for a client at the Willow Group Home
  • Twin bed for a client at North Tracy
  • Bobcat tickets for clients
  • Used car for a client who can drive or our Work Center
  • DVD or Blu-ray player that will support hulu and Netflix through the internet
  • Outdoor Patio Umbrella for client lawn behind Work Center
  • Bulk Food Items or Grocery Gift Cards
  • Gas Cards
  • 2 MP3 players
  • 8×5 rug for Cedarview Group Home
  • Digital Cameras for our Group Homes
  • Office-grade Shredder for clients to use for paid work
  • Dining Room Table and Chairs
  • New Banquet Style (36-42 cup) Coffee Pot
  • Women’s Size 8 Petite Jeans (not low rise)
  • 12 Foot Step-Ladder
  • Sturdy Recliners for the Work Center
  • Storage Unit for Work at the Work Center
  • Storage Unit (can be off-site) for event items
  • printer paper, pens, and varied office supplies so we can put more money towards direct care
  • Christmas gifts for our clients who don’t have families
  • Easels for our art auction
  • Musical keyboards for client at North 3rd Group Home (can be a toy)
  • Cordless drill for Maintenance Department
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Recumbent stationary bicycle
  • EasyStand
  • NuStep
  • Pivot Disc

If you have an item to donate that is not on our list or would like to donate an item on our list, please contact Dee Metrick at 406-587-1271 or email  If Reach Inc. cannot use the item, we will recommend other non-profits who may also have a need.  Thank you.

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