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Services for Adults


Our six residential facilities in Bozeman include Standard Adult Group Homes, Intensive Group Homes, and Transitional Living Apartment Complexes. Staff are available for the residents we serve 24/7, 365 days a year. We also offer Supported Living services to clients in their own homes.



Reach offers a number of vocational services for our clients including Supported Employment, Job Preparation Services, Intensive Day Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Project SEARCH internship program. See more detail on each program below.


Reach provides transportation services for our clients tailored to meet their goals.

Supported Living —People served in supported living typically reside in their own apartments or in family homes.  Staff work to meet the needs of each individual.  This can include health, safety, independent living, banking, budgeting, and bill paying.

Transitional Living —This program offers daytime and evening on-site staffing to individuals who live in two Reach-owned apartment complexes.  There, staff provide supports that include health, safety, independent living, banking, budgeting, bill paying, and housekeeping. Individuals receiving this service must be independent in their evening and morning routines.  On-call staff are available for emergency situations 24-hours per day.

Standard Group Homes —Reach has two standard adult group homes in Bozeman, which offer 24-hour staffing.  People served in this setting are assisted in achieving their individual goals, which can include housekeeping skills, meal planning and preparation, money management, and interpersonal relations.

Intensive Group Homes —Reach provides 24-hour services to people with a need for more intensive care at two homes in residential Bozeman neighborhoods.  A high staff-to-client ratio is offered in these homes where individuals may need more support to achieve their goals.

Supported Employment Program —Reach Work Services Specialists assist our clients to gain and maintain employment in the community.  As of August, 2015, Reach Inc. is proud to report an 85% community employment rate, compared to a national average of 18% for similar agencies.

Work Services —Job Preparation Services enable our clients to work on skills that will increase their professional success.  This type of support is accessed both by clients who are currently employed in the community, as well as by those who are not.  At the Work Center, clients have the opportunity to earn a paycheck, completing assembly work and production tasks for many local businesses, as well as participating in cleaning and recycling crews.  Vocational staff assist with learning and skill development needed for community employment.

Intensive Day Services —This program offers daytime services to adults with intensive needs.  These individuals have the opportunity to work in Supported Employment or to participate in Job Preparation Services at the Work Center.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) —Reach contracts with the Vocational Rehabilitation Program of Montana to provide a variety of vocational services to their clients.  Reach assists with interviewing skills, resume development, job searching, on-the-job-training, and long term follow along.

Project SEARCH—Reach Inc. is a proud partner with Project SEARCH, an international internship program for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Over the course of nine months, through classroom time and practical experience, interns acquire valuable work skills.  Reach Inc. helped to bring the first Project SEARCH program in Montana to the Bozeman Health host site, with interns at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital and Bozeman Health Hillcrest Senior Living.  We are excited to add this opportunity to the services we offer.

Transportation —Reach provides transportation services, including rides to and from job sites, interviews, medical appointments, shopping, banking, and recreational activities, as indicated by individual needs.  We currently have a fleet of 19 vehicles.