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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Reach?

We are a private non-profit organization located in Bozeman, Montana that provides residential, vocational, and transportation services for adults with developmental disabilities. Our mission is to empower the people we serve to attain their individual goals and aspirations. Founded in 1974, we currently support over 80 clients.

What services does Reach provide? 

Residential services include a range of options. We own and operate five homes where the level of support is catered to each client’s needs, ranging from 24/7 care with a high staff-to-client ratio, to daytime assistance only at apartment buildings. About one-half of our clients live in Reach residences, and the rest receive Supported Living Services in their own homes. You must be a Reach client to gain access to our housing wait list.


Furthermore, we provide individualized employment support to help our clients reach their career goals. Many people seek jobs in the community, and we also offer the option of participating in job preparation services at our Work Center, completing contract work or working on different types of crews with staff support (for example, recycling or cleaning crews). This is a good way to earn income and get started with us if you are seeking housing.


Access to reliable transportation is essential to independence and inclusion. With a fleet of 17 vehicles, Reach offers transportation services to our clients. Annually, we provide over 75,000 miles of rides.

How is Reach funded? 

Approximately 87 percent of our funding comes from a contract with the state and federal government. Increasingly, state reimbursement fails to keep up with the cost of delivering services. As a result, we depend on the generosity of our community to help close this gap with donations and grants, so we can continue providing high quality services to our clients.

What kind of disabilities do your clients have?

We serve adults with a range of developmental disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, and traumatic brain injuries, who have an IQ of 70 or below.

How can I get services from Reach for myself, a family member or friend? 

In order to receive services, you must be eligible for Medicaid which then qualifies you for the Developmental Disability Program (DDP) in Montana.


This begins by contacting AWARE and getting assigned a case manager who will work with you on determining eligibility, placement on a waiting list for services, and help you navigate the state system. It is customary to have to apply multiple times before being accepted. This process applies to Montana residents and people who have recently moved here. Unfortunately, there is a waiting list for developmental disability services in our state.


Phone: 406-563-8117

Toll Free: 1-800-432-6145



Another option is private-pay services, where you or the client pays us directly. If you are interested in private-pay services, please contact one of our Client Services Directors at 406-587-1271.

Where do your clients work?

All clients in Reach Inc. vocational services earn a paycheck, and 87 percent of our clients have jobs in the community. As of May 2024, we have 53 individual job placements in the community. Additionally, clients have the opportunity to work on production and assembly tasks at our Work Center. Teams of clients also complete jobs such as recycling and cleaning with staff support. Many clients also volunteer as well, contributing an average of 40 hours per week at more than 10 nonprofits in the Gallatin Valley.

Several businesses in our community employ Reach clients, including:

  • Bozeman Chamber of Commerce

  • Home Depot

  • Safeway

  • Bozeman Health

  • Residence Inn by Marriott

  • Ridge Athletic Club

  • Smith’s

  • Montana State University

  • Town and Country Foods

  • Country Bookshelf   

  • Homewood Suites

  • Mystery Ranch

  • Cactus Records

  • Walmart

  • Buffalo Restoration

  • La Tinga

Does Reach accept donations from the public?

We are a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization and our Tax Exempt ID is 81-0347366. Our legal name is Reach, Inc. We are grateful to accept donations in the form of cash, in-kind contributions, as well as stocks, bonds, and other property. Reach hosts a number of fundraisers throughout the year, and we are happy to work with individual donors to support particular projects. Contact Jacy, Community Relations and Development Director at 406-587-1271 or for more information.

Want to learn more about Reach?

Contact Jacy Widhalm-Clark, Community Relations and Development Director at 406-587-1271 or to schedule a tour. 

State + Local Recources

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